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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. barry bonds' ex-mistress prepares to drop a bomb in court. the damaging details she is expected to reveal today about his steroid use. rebel forces in libya move in on qaddafi's hometown as president obama prepares to give a major speech tonight the controversy over america's next move. and good morning, everyone. it is monday, march 28. i'm sydnie kohara. >> happy monday, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. time now is 4:30. and, you know, we thought we would bring the whole gang together. >> everything old is new again. we're back on the old set -- the evening show set so this is our new home, old home, new home. and everybody is here! this is great. so good to see everyone. >> keeping people on their toes
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this morning albright eyed and bushy tailed, right, elizabeth. >> right. [ laughter ] >> she had a busy weekend. >> i went to bed a little late last night. >> were you partying on the weekend? [ laughter ] >> going to be some great traffic today. >> are we doing traffic first? let's talk about traffic. let's go toward the bay bridge? no, we're not. we're doing weather first. >> give you a break. i'll take over weather. you have your coffee. we'll break her in here throughout the morning. i have great weather news. sunshine, how about that? looking outside right now, you're seeing a few clouds out there starting out partly cloudy but later today we have that northwest flow kicking in to help dry things out. yes, i said the word dry. finally a day without rain. and temperatures mild today, 50s and 60s, breezy conditions, 15, 20-mile-per-hour winds
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later today. we'll talk more about that. before we send it to traffic, 80 degrees coming up. i'll tell you when this week, elizabeth. >> do i believe you? i do! [ laughter ] let's go towards the bay bridge toll plaza. we're nice and quiet on the roads. there are no big accidents or hot spots right now and big change from last week. there is no wet weather, no wet pavement and no wind advisories anywhere including right here at the bay bridge and at the san mateo bridge. here's a live look at conditions across the span, 15 minutes between hayward and foster city and mass transit is al on time. back to you. >> great to have you all here again. >> a little outnumbered but it's okay with me. >> i don't mind. >> not even on a monday. it's all good. in the news today, president obama is taking to the air waves tonight to explain the military mission in libya. >> the president will be
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speaking from the national defense university in washington. the white house says mr. obama will talk about what the u.s. and our allies are doing and what the u.s. policy in libya will be. turkey taking over operations of a key libyan airport to help get humanitarian aid to the country. rebels in libya have recovered hundreds of miles of territory since nato air strikes began and are closing in on qaddafi's hometown of surt. nato has agreed to take full command of the operation in libya. the u.s. mission there getting mixed reviews. >> i think the military mission has gone quite well. >> this policy is characterized by confusion, indecision and delay. >> there should have been a debate as to why it was in our vital interest. >> defense secretary robert gates admits libya doesn't pose a threat to america but he says
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what happens there could impact other parts of the middle east where the u.s. has something at stake. the president is expected to speak at 4:30 p.m. our time. we'll have live coverage right here on cbs 5 and continuing developments on libya on the cbs 5 eyewitness news at 5:00. 4:34 your time. we're following developing news in japan this morning. officials there warn that radiation seeping from a crippled nuclear plant is spreading to sea water and soil. readings show contamination in the ocean showing backup a mile further north than before. japanese nuclear safety agency is saying for the first time that it suspects radioactive water from the plant is leaking directly into the ocean. today workers resume pumping out radioactive water from several buildings. another earthquake scare in japan. a magnitude 6.5 quake struck off the northeastern coast on
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sunday prompting another tsunami warning. it was lifted and no additional damage was reported. this morning, a vacaville man is recovering from serious injuries suffered when a bomb that was apparently hidden in his newspaper went off. this happened outside his home in the north browns valley area of vacaville about 10207 yesterday morning. -- about 10:30 yesterday morning. the explosion rocked the neighborhood. it happened when the man in his 80s picked up his newspaper. police evacuated more than 40 homes in the area and warned people not to pick up newspapers or anything else that might be suspicious. they had plenty of help in searching for more possible explosives. >> we have on scene right now the travis air force bomb squad, the alcohol, tobacco and firearms folks are here, as well. we have some bomb-sniffing dogs and x-ray apparatus. they are checking the neighborhood for any other devices.
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>> no other suspicious items were found and the neighbors were allowed to return home eventually. so far there are no suspects. there could be crucial testimony today in the perjury trifle former giants slugger barry bonds. >> his ex-girlfriend will tell jurors what bonds said about steroids and how his body has changed. sharon chin is in san francisco with a preview of the proceedings and joins us now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. kimberly bell is expected to testify today kicking off week 2 of the bonds trial. barry bonds' former mistress is examined to say that he told her before the 2000 baseball season that he was using steroids. in what could be sensational testimony she plans to tell the jury she witnessed changes in the slugger, acne, bloating, hair loss and changes to his genitals. bonds is accused of lying to a grand jury in 2003 when testified he never knowingly used steroids. other witnesses scheduled to take the stand for the prosecution this week in the
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bonds trial, giants clubhouse manager mike murphy expected to describe the increase in bonds' hat size. the team's former trainer stan conte will talk about his interactions with bonds and physical changes he saw. and mike wilson a special agent with the irs is expected to testify about a box of folders he seized from balco laboratories and how bonds' urine sample was handled. the trial is expected to continue this morning at 8:30 here at the federal courthouse. >> thank you, sharon chin live in san francisco. confessed killer devaughndre broussard returns to the witness stand this morning in the murder trial of two men from "your black muslim bakery" in oakland. yusef bey iv and antoine mackey are charged with the murder of journalist chauncey bailey and two other then 2007. broussard testified last week that bey ordered the killings. officials with pg&e will appear at a hearing today and argue before an administrative
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law judge that the utility should not be fined millions of dollars. last week the state public utilities commission decided to fine pg&e six million dollars because the utility missed a deadline to provide pipeline safety records. pg&e says it may need the rest of the year to gather those documents. 4:38. capitola has declared a state of emergency in the wake of saturday's flash flood. water several feet deep gushed from a broken storm pipe and flowed through homes and businesses in capitola village. it was the second failure by the same pipe and the flood left a huge mess behind. water came from an underground culvert at the bottom of a 20- foot hole which was created on thursday when the pipe failed for the first time. now a number of mobile homes are yellow- or red-tagged and one of them is a big pile of rubble. many were vacation homes but some housed elderly people. >> the red cross will help them for two weeks but what do they do after that? >> we're packing up, moving
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out, cutting up the rugs. everything has to be out of here. >> dozens of businesses in the center of town are all trying to clean up now and right now it's impossible to know how much damage was done in monetary terms but the city hopes for state and federal aid. and there is also an emergency declaration in san pablo. that's where some homes are slipping on a rain soaked hillside. several houses on hillcrest and wyman have suffered damage as a result of the land giving way. three homes are yellow-tagged which limits access but city inspectors say while the soil is still moving, those homes aren't showing any new signs of cracking. and ace trains running again this morning after being halted by last week's storm debris from a landslide ended up on the tracks in niles canyon thursday, stopping service for two days. crews, though, have now cleared the mess. we have a new set and a whole new outlook on weather because for the first time since i think i moved out here, i can honestly say it's going to be sunny most of the week.
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>> looking forward to it. julie watts takes a look at our monday and look ahead forecast. we're always looking for sunshine after the last couple of weeks. >> can't blame me. >> i was looking at the seven- day forecast this weekend thinking i wonder if frank is going on vacation next week. >> maybe i should. >> we are going to be sunshine for the first time since he has been here. here's your turn the temperatures outside right now. 40s for the most part, 42 napa and fairfield, warmer in fremont and san jose with temperatures right now in the low 50s. if this seems mild to you it's a sign of things to come. we are going to see temperatures warming up throughout the week. today just the beginning. these don't look too warm just yet. 50s san rafael, 62 redwood city. and 65 in concord. like i said, this is just the beginning. take a look at this seven-day forecast. starting off with increasing sun today, breezy later on this afternoon. we'll talk more about that
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coming up. tuesday a slight chance of showers for the north bay. drying out wednesday, yeah, that's an 81 on thursday, folks. we'll talk more about this coming up in just a bit. in the meantime we'll toss it over to elizabeth for a look at the roads. >> thank you. gosh, those temperatures look great. i'm excited for the end of the week. right now we're doing pretty good on the roads. no big problems through san jose. here's a live look at 280 traffic heading out of downtown san jose, looks great around that 880 interchange. traffic still very light on this monday morning. people getting a late start. same thing for your silicon valley ride. westbound 237 headlights coming around the bend speeds about 55 miles per hour closer to san jose, closer to zanker road so everything is moving well out of milpitas. and all your approaches to the bay bridge quiet. for the first time in a long time, we have had no wind advisories, not much going on on our chp reports, no big spinouts or hot spots anywhere. so mostly green on our sensors and one more live look at 880 traffic up and down the nimitz
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freeway, great ride past the coliseum through oakland. more traffic. back to you. >> thank you. a retail giant heads to the supreme court in a battle of the sexes. how wal-mart is depending claims of gender bias. plus, no glasses required this time around. the 3-d revolution has arrived for videogamers. why the launch is coming with a warning for children. and the end of an era for a talk show queen. new details now about oprah's daytime good-bye.
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welcome back to the "early edition." a dry day. temperatures today in the low 60s from san francisc through palo alto. we'll have more later. back to you guys. >> thank you. berkeley high school will be holding a special meeting
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tonight with parents after two incidents last week involving handguns on campus. three students arrested last tuesday after one gun accidentally discharged, another unloaded weapon was confiscated. the students safety forum will be at the school's little theater at 6:30. the school has since added extra safety officers on campus. it is 4:45 now. the supreme court will hear arguments on a major lawsuit against wal-mart tomorrow. the retail giant wants justices to block a discrimination lawsuit from becoming a billion- dollar class actio case. a group of females say they have been less than male counterparts and passed over for promotions but the company says it's isolated and no pattern of gender bias. nintendo is taking virtual reality to a new level. the 3-d hits store shelves yesterday. it puts a 3-d videogame in the palm of your hand, 3-d s. no
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classes ride. experts say the technology could be a game changer. the 3-d s also comes with a warning. nintendo says children under 6 shouldn't use the device because it might harm their division. >> moderation is probably a good idea. >> the device does come with parental controls and an option to turn off the 3-d capabilities. the 3ds runs about $250. it's an end of an era for oprah winfrey. >> we know when the last edition of the show will air. the season finale will air on may 25. that's according to entertainment weekly and several other reports citing her production company harpo. the last show will conclude 25 seasons. no word on hot final guest will be or what -- no word on who the final guess will be or what
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surprise will be for the audience. >> everybody is thinking a new car. >> maybe tom cruise on the couch again? >> i doubt it. 4:47. age may only be a number but see which sex is feeling a little over the hill sooner. plus, a crew member mysteriously disappears aboard a disney cruise. the phone call she made to a friend right before she went missing. and have you ever heard of facebook depression? the serious warning from doctors about what too much social media can do to a teenager's health when we come back. ,,,,
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disappeared while crusing from welcome back. this morning, a mystery aboard a disney cruise ship. a young crew member just disappeared while cruising from los angeles to puerto vallarta. the 24-year-old was last seen on tuesday when the disney
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wonder ship left cabo san lucas. someone saw her making a phone call to a friend but she never showed up for work as part of the ship's youth program. >> it's very painful, not seeing her again. i don't know. it's frightening to think about it really. >> the ship, which is 1,000 feet long, has been searched twice. the u.s. coast guard and the mexican navy are also involved with the search. and down in san diego, 10 people needed to be pulled from the water after the boat capsized. two of those people both men were declared dead at the scene. the other eight people including two young children were taken to hospitals with minor injuries. 35-foot sailboat cap size offed capsized sunday afternoon. there is a way to get past the slide near big sur.
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a helicopter company is selling rides that starts 10 miles south of carmel. the rides are $60 each. they are booked through the big sur chamber of commerce. caltrans letting traffic through another slide area south of big sur. taking a look at your when it morning, we have a little bit of something for everyone. out the door, partly cloudy and mild temperatures out there in the 40s and 50s for the most part but we are warming things up later today. temperatures in the mid-50s to mid-60s depending where you are and that is plenty of sun something we haven't seen a lot of lately. sunny but breezy. those wind speeds 15 to 20 miles per hour so it will make for more breezy afternoon. take a look at the satellite perspective you can see what's going on here. we have a ridge building in the pacific and that's going to move in over the next few days helping to bump up temperatures but before we see total sunshine, we have one more chance of rain sitting out here in the pacific.
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what's going to happen as this ridge builds in, this weather system will skirt over the top of it bringing the chance of showers to the north bay and a few more clouds to the rest of us for tuesday. after that plenty of sunshine for at least a couple of days and temperatures beginning to warm starting today. temperatures areawide in the low 60s for redwood city, los altos, cupertino. 63 in fremont today. as you head to the east bay a similar temperature range for you. 62 alameda, 59 richmond. 64 today in antioch. north bay temperatures i'm sure you'll be enjoying some sunshine by this afternoon, 65 sonoma, 64 petaluma and 56 in stinson beach. a look at the seven-day forecast again a little something for everyone today. increasing sunshine but breezy this afternoon. we will see a few more clouds for tuesday and a slight chance of showers for the north bay but then drying things out wednesday. yes, temperatures in the upper 70s. and i have an 81 in your forecast for the warmest spots inland by thursday. we start to cool things back down, however, friday and for those of you who enjoy the
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rain. we have a little something for you as well, chance of showers on saturday. for a look at the roads, here's elizabeth. >> thank you. let's go out towards the sierra. if you are planning a trip up to tahoe, make sure you pack your chains. chains are required right now on interstate 80. you can see the big rigs there pulled off to the right-hand shoulder. chains required right now near nyack all the way towards the donner lake interchange. highway 50 and 88 chains not required there. all right, closer to home, mass transit off to a great start, everything is on time for bart, ace, muni and caltrain. taking a live look outside, what a difference a week makes, no rain or wind advisories. everything is quite on the major freeways. here's a live look at 880 through oakland. 15 minutes is your drive time from 238 to the macarthur maze. our usual slow spots, we'll likely start to see yellow and brake lights here in the next half hour or so. for right now good coming out of the altamont pass. 14 minutes is the drive time there as you make your way
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towards the 680 and dublin interchange. we are good coming off the antioch bridge for right now. a quick trip towards pittsburg into concord. all the approaches to the bay bridge all our live traffic sensors still picking up top speeds, no puddling, everything good for fastrak and cash users if you are heading into san francisco. quiet all along the upper deck, metering lights o remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9-fm. the american a back to you. >> thank you. apparently too much facebook could be bad for a teen's mental health. the american academy of pediatrics warns that troubled teens could suffer from something called facebook depression. they say that looking at photos and updates of happy people having fun can make kids who suffer from low self-esteem feel even worse. the group says parents should talk to their kids about all
4:55 am
their online use. and women start to feel old at just 29, men can make it all the way to age 58 without feeling over the hill. >> you think that's because women are realistic and men -- >> probably part of it. >> that's according to a new study by what else, a funeral plan provider. half of the women say sagging body parts and gray hair the cause, the main causes of their frustration. men cited poor bedroom performance and admitting music in public places was too loud as signs of their age. >> why would a funeral parlor do a study like that? >> they are so different, too. women sagging body parts, men music's too loud! >> we'll just leave it there. young or young at heart? thousands of fans of all ages coming out to see britney spears in san francisco this past weekend. spears putting on a short free show yesterday at the bill graham civic auditorium. look at those long lines.
4:56 am
didn't bother the ticketholders. some said they waited for years for the chance to see the pop star live. >> i love britney spears. i'm so excited she's in san francisco, yay! >> i never seen her, either. really excited about it. >> britney. >> amazing. >> love britney. >> spears performing three songs from her latest album femme fatale. tickets gone in 14 minutes. we didn't show the concert because it will be shown on another network's morning show later on. >> i'm okay. i missed it. i'll admit it. the giants and as face off tonight in san francisco to start the preseason bay bridge series. it will be the first appearance since the giants' world series last fall. they will play in oakland tomorrow and return to san francisco for the finale on wednesday and the regular season starts on thursday for the giants down in l.a. and on friday, for the as in oakland. they are going to take on
4:57 am
seattle. >> wow. >> ready for baseball. talk about surprises here. >> final four is now set in the ncaa tournament. kentucky playing connecticut and a couple of long shots here, virginia commonwealth plays butler out of nearly 6 million people who filled out their brackets on, only 2 people out of 6 million got the final four teams correct. >> you know why? virginia commonwealth was a playing game. they had to play usc just for a right to become part of the field of 64. so whoever put them in the bracket -- >> they deserve to be there. >> it's the coach's son or someone who lives in the area. 4:57. a turning point in libya. rebels prepare to take control of qaddafi's hometown. we'll have a preview of president obama's major speech tonight. barry bonds' ex-girlfriend expected to take the stand today in his perjury trial what she plans to say coming up. and a state of the
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emergency in capitola. the financial aid on the way and why some best own, say they will never fully recover. >> and he reached for his sunday paper. the explosion that evacuated a bay area neighborhood and the concern that there may still be more bombs out there. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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